How You Can Help

Wondering what kind of positive impact you can make for the hard of hearing community? There are many ways you can contribute time and/or money.

Workplace Campaigns

Ask your employer if it has a Hard of Hearing for Young People Foundation campaign. If so, you can make weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual gifts. This is an easy solution many of our supporters prefer.

Direct Contributions

Click our convenient PayPal button to be carried to our donation page.

Have questions about your contribution? Email us here.

Planned Giving

This allows you to make charitable gifts through a bequest, gift annuity or an endowment fund. These are different from cash donations as they are made from your estate assets. This is a loving way to ensure your legacy lives on. You can learn more about planned giving by clicking here.

Donate Hearing Aids

The need for hearing aids continues to grow. When you donate your hearing aids that are no longer being used, you can be sure they’ll be put to good use. Refurbishing these devices is a great way to do good.

These are just a few ways you can help the hard of hearing community. We welcome your suggestions and feedback. Email us here.